The Best Waterfalls in Hawaii

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in Hawaii

The Hawaii Islands are renowned for their epic ocean views and dazzling beaches, but they’re also home to some of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the world.

Some of the falls in Hawaii require a lot of hiking or climbing, but many are easily accessible and can be seen from a short walk. These waterfalls are definitely worth a visit.

Ko’olau Falls

Hawaii’s sharply eroded mountain peaks and plentiful rainfall create an amazing array of waterfalls throughout the islands. Many are hidden away at the back of dense mountain valleys, while others are easily accessible and surely worth a visit.

There are few more beautiful waterfalls than those found in the Ko’olau range. These mountains rise above Honolulu, forming a picturesque backdrop for the city.

The mountains are also home to a variety of rare plants, steep cliffs, epic mountain and ocean views and a number of hiking trails. Most of the trails are barely maintained, overgrown, and difficult – keeping them relatively unspoiled for visitors looking for solitude.

There is also a waterfall and swimming pool that is a little bit of a hidden gem. To reach it, you must hike through the jungle for about a third of a mile. The trail can be muddy, so make sure to wear hiking shoes and carry mosquito repellent.

Alelele Falls

If you love waterfalls, Hawaii is your dream vacation destination. The island is home to several gorgeous cascades that are perfect for swimming and hiking.

Alelele Falls is one of the most accessible waterfalls in Hawaii. Located along the back road to Hana, it only requires a short hike that crosses a stream.

The falls are roughly 50 feet tall and there’s a secluded pool below to swim in. You can also do rock jumping if you’re into that sort of thing!

Alelele Falls is one of the best places to see a waterfall in Maui, as it’s family-friendly and easy to reach. Plus, it’s usually dry if there hasn’t been a lot of rain.

Upper Waikani Falls

Upper Waikani Falls, aka Three Bears, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on Maui. This stunning collection of waterfalls can be found right off the Road to Hana, and it’s definitely worth stopping for a visit.

There are plenty of places to stop on the way to Hana to see breathtaking views and waterfalls, but this one is a true gem that you shouldn’t miss!

The Upper Waikani Falls, also known as Three Bears, is a series of parallel waterfalls that cascade side-by-side into the Wailua Nui stream. It’s a very popular place to stop, and the best part is that you don’t have to take a hike to see it!

It’s a short trail that leads to the falls, and it’s a great way to enjoy some quiet time in nature without having to deal with crowds. It’s also an amazing spot to take some great photos. You can even swim in the pool at the bottom of the falls!

Waimoku Falls

Part of Haleakala National Park, Waimoku Falls drops 400 feet down a sheer lava rock wall into a deep pool strewn with boulders. It’s one of Maui’s tallest waterfalls and can be reached via the Pipiwai Trail, which is a four-mile round trip hike.

You’ll hike across a dry stream bed and through a dense bamboo forest before reaching the base of this enormous waterfall. The hike is not too strenuous and can be completed in about 3 to 5 hours, depending on your pace.

To get to Waimoku Falls, take Highway 31 south from Hana town to the parking lot just past Mile Marker 42 on the ocean side of the road. You’ll see a number of waterfalls on the way.


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