Test Your Processes During the Onboarding Process

December 21, 2023

During this process, it's critical to test the new process in real-world applications before it gets finalized. This helps to ensure that you are delivering the best possible outcome for your stakeholders and that it is an improvement over the old process. It also provides an opportunity to review the process for potential improvements that can be implemented in future iterations of the process.

Onboarding new employees is a vital step for a company to integrate team members into culture, equip them with tools and resources, and manage expectations. This can be accomplished through a checklist process that includes tasks like setting up email and system accounts, conducting an office tour, introducing new hires to the organization and key personnel, assigning a mentor or buddy for initial guidance, and scheduling training sessions.

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When formal processes are too difficult to change, employees can't effectively work on projects that emerge without process structure. This can lead to work-arounds that detract from visibility, agility and organizational learning. Using low-code BPM software like CMW Lab, you can enable non-technical users to easily change processes, so that your employees don't need to use work-arounds and your business stays effective. This is known as enabling agility.


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