Six Flags Over Texas Deaths

February 11, 2024

Six Flags Over Texas is located in Arlington, Texas. The theme park is famous for its thrilling rides and other attractions. Unfortunately, the park also has a dark side. The park has seen a number of deadly accidents. The most recent tragedy occurred on July 19th when a woman fell to her death from the park’s popular Texas Giant roller coaster. The park has since closed the ride and won’t reopen it until it passes a safety inspection.

The park has also been the scene of many serious injuries. In 2014, the company reported 14 workplace accidents at its parks across the country. The majority of these injuries were from working on rides.

In 1999, 28-year-old Valerie Cartwright died after riding Roaring Rapids. Her parents filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Six Flags. They alleged that the ride caused her to have a brain aneurysm, which eventually led to her death. The park settled the lawsuit for $4 million.

The company has been in business for over 60 years. Its first amusement park opened in 1961. The name Six Flags came from the six nations that have ruled Texas. The parks are designed around the idea of different places in North America, from the Wild West to New Orleans. They also feature areas for animal and water recreation. Local lore says that the park is haunted by ghosts, including Annie, a mischievous spirit of a turn-of-the-century Arlington girl who roams around the Texas Giant and railway tracks.


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