New York Waterfalls

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in New York

Whether you're visiting New York for a road trip, a cabin getaway, or even just exploring the Finger Lakes or Adirondacks, there are plenty of waterfalls to see throughout the state.

If you want to see one of the tallest and most beautiful falls in the state, then check out Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park! This sweeping beauty is over 100 feet high and can be viewed from multiple vantage points.

Verkeerderkill Falls

Verkeerderkill Falls is the highest waterfall in Sam’s Point Preserve in the Shawangunk Mountains, New York. It’s 187 feet tall and accessible via a three-mile trail branching off from the main trail in Sam’s Point Preserve.

Hike this trail to see Lake Maratanza, one of the five sky lakes in the park; ice cave crevices; cliffs; and striking vistas. Or enjoy a more challenging hike along the steepest and most secluded section of the Shawangunk Mountain ridge.

Starting from the parking lot, take the right fork of the Loop Road (a gravel road closed to private vehicles). Follow it as it climbs on switchbacks, passing dramatic cliffs of the Shawangunk Conglomerate and excellent views from rock outcrops.

Aunt Sarah Falls

Aunt Sarah Falls is a short and sweet 90 foot waterfall that cascades down a slate hill gorge alongside New York Route 14. It's a must see while in the area.

While this particular waterfall is not the most impressive of the bunch it's a fun and easy stop on the way to Watkins Glen, or as a quick stop while touring the Finger Lakes. You'll find it along the highway in Montour Falls, NY near the old town border marker. The road can get a bit busy during the summer but there is a small parking lot across the street from the falls for the best possible view.

Middle Falls

Middle Falls is one of three large waterfalls found within Letchworth State Park. The park, dubbed the “Grand Canyon of the East,” is home to dozens of waterfalls and stunning vistas along the Genesee River.

Often considered the most impressive of the three waterfalls, Middle Falls drops 107 feet from a 285-foot crest. It is accessible on paved walking paths and offers many vantage points including the Glen Iris Inn lookout and Inspiration Point.

Beecher Falls

Beecher Falls is a beautiful 20 ft tall cascade within a historical industrial ravine known as Beecher Hollow. It sits adjacent to the Copeland Covered Bridge and a short walk down Beecher Creek to Great Sacandaga Lake.

A trip to Beecher Falls will reward you with a great view of the falls, a lovely vista and a chance to see some of Canaan’s colonial architecture. Plus, you’ll get to see the Copeland Covered Bridge in all its glory!

Cascadilla Falls

A must-see when visiting New York’s Finger Lakes, Cascadilla Falls is a beautiful gorge trail nestled in downtown Ithaca. This short hike has at least six waterfalls, as well as a gorgeous creek that you can follow before it spills into Cayuga Lake.

This connective corridor is a must-see for anyone who enjoys hiking. It’s a 1.3-mile trail with many stairs that takes you down 400 feet past 9 waterfalls.

Shale Creek Falls

Shale Creek Falls in western New York is a breathtaking waterfall found in Chestnut Ridge Park. The hike to the waterfall requires a 1.4 mile out and back trail that is moderate to difficult depending on your fitness level.

This falls is highly dependent on rainfall and melt water so it may not be visible if there is little rain in the area.

This waterfall can be viewed in early spring, or after long bouts of heavy rains. It reaches a high of 30 feet and cascades over shale in two tiers.


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