Muhammad Begun to Meditate in the Hills Because he Was Having Trouble Getting a Clear Word From God

June 8, 2024

For 1400 years, Muslims have been telling a story about a man who shaped their world. It's a story about a merchant, husband, father, statesman and prophet who lived in the seventh century. His name was Muhammad.

Muhammad began to meditate in the hills because he was having trouble getting a clear word from God. According to Moslem tradition he would visit a cave at the base of Mount Hira for days and nights on end. Eventually he was seized by something that changed everything. He came down from the mountain shaking and almost possessed. He ran home to his wife, Khadijah.

The next day, he made what was to be his last pilgrimage to Mecca. He had a message for the people of Mecca, and for his own tribe of Quraysh. He told them that unless they created a new kind of society, restoring the old tribal values of looking after the orphan and the widow and the oppressed, there was going to be a terrible disaster.

But the most important thing that he said was that only God is worthy of worship. That's called the fundamental doctrine of Islam, la ilaha illa Allah.

He also said that it's the responsibility of every Muslim to preach the good news and warn of the bad. And that's why they need to do the things they're supposed to do. And he also said that it's the responsibility of the faithful to establish mosques where they could pray, and to spread the message to as many people as possible.


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