Minor Beef Base - Where To Buy?

April 8, 2023

Where To Buy?

Minor Beef Base is a seasoned paste concentrate that delivers the savory flavor of fresh roasted beef. This product is free of preservatives and artificial flavors. It is also formulated without added MSG other than that which naturally occurs in the yeast extract.

Use Minor Beef Base to make a fully flavored stock for soups, stews and sauces. It is ideal for marinating roasts, steaks and chops in oil and seasonings; or add to ground meats for added intensity.

Alternatively, mix this seasoned paste base into boiling water to create a hearty stock or broth.

Minor’s, a culinary brand of Nestle Professional, is one of the most trusted and recognized flavor brands in North America. Minor’s offers a wide range of bases, concentrates and ready-to-use sauces that are dedicated to perfecting flavor so chefs can create dishes with the highest quality ingredients. For more information, visit the Minor’s website.


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