Metal Gear Solid V: Where Do The Bees Sleep Skulls?

December 23, 2023

From encasing a sculpture of the goddess Marsyas in natural beeswax to making a bust of Nefertiti, Rotterdam-based artist Tomas Libertiny is renowned for his intricate honeycomb works that incorporate references from mythology and history. For his latest project, he created a series of skull-like sculptures utilizing multiple bee colonies that worked together throughout the spring to create the artwork. Each sculpture is infused with red pigment, even though bees are colorblind, to add a mystique that reflects the inversion of life from death and decay into resurrection and rebirth.

The sixth mission in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, where do the bees sleep, can be one of the more challenging and rewarding missions. It features a mini boss battle and various secret tasks that can be difficult to complete without the right tools at hand.

After killing the Skull Face squad, you will need to get back to Da Smasei Laman and find the Honey Bee weapon. Once you have it, a Skulls team will come after you in the cave area where they previously attacked (no pun intended).

You can use the Honey Bee to quickly take down these enemies. To do this, simply target the four Skulls with binoculars and then fire at them. This will cause them to die in no time. Alternatively, you can try to kill them using other weapons, such as an assault rifle and grenades. You can also attempt to escape by running away from the Skulls, though this will not allow you to complete the secret task and might be a bit difficult to do with the amount of enemies in the area.


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