Metal Gear Solid 5 Where Do Bees Sleep?

October 24, 2023

The sixth mission in the main story of Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain, where do bees sleep is one of the more challenging missions in the game. This is because you’ll have to extract a prisoner and fight off a group of Skulls, both of which require a lot of ammo. This is why we recommend saving this mission for later in the game once you’ve progressed more through it and have better weapons at your disposal.

Once you’ve reached the fort, your primary objective will be to secure the Honey Bee weapon, which is hidden in the caves near Da Smasei Laman. To do this, you’ll need to free the Hamid survivor and talk to him, who will mark the location of the Honey Bee on your iDroid. You’ll also need to create a diversion at the Smasei Fort and sneak all the way to the back of the fort.

The Honey Bee is a new weapon that is similar to the FIM-92 Stinger from previous games. However, it has a dual IR and UV seeker that gives it an edge in combat against the Skulls. It is also the only weapon in this mission that can be used for a bonus. If you use the Honey Bee in the fight with the Skulls, Miller will call in and note that you’ve forfeited your chance at a bonus. If you’d rather save your ammo, you can simply outrun the Skulls or kill them with grenades from a distance.


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