Meditation Quotes For When You Don't Have Time to Meditate

June 8, 2024

For decades meditation was only practiced by Hindus and Buddhists, mostly in ashrams and monasteries. As scientific studies proved the benefits, however, it went mainstream — hospitals and businesses set up meditation rooms, doctors recommended it for anxiety and stress, yoga instructors added it to their classes, and psychologists prescribed it for depression. But for many of us, even with the best intentions, finding time to meditate is a challenge.

One of the biggest reasons people give up on meditation is that they don’t have a solid plan for keeping it going when life gets hectic. If you’re trying to meditate for 20 minutes before breakfast but can only manage 15 because you have to do laundry or make breakfast or pick up the kids, it can feel like a failure. Moreover, trying to follow some haphazard instructions in a self-help book or remembering a guided relaxation from a previous class isn’t the same as receiving proper instruction. Without it, you’ll find yourself struggling to silence your mind and ultimately giving up because you aren’t getting the results you expect.

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways you can keep your meditation practice on track even when life gets busy. A good place to start is with meditation quotes that will act as soul food for your practice, helping you stay grounded and reminding you of the purpose behind your time in silence. Many of these mindfulness and meditation quotes come from spiritual leaders past and present, whose words have a timeless wisdom that will guide you.


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