Meditation on the Word Day and Night Meaning

June 8, 2024

To meditate is to focus on something quietly pondering it for a period of time. Developing the habit of meditating on scripture daily allows us to absorb its wisdom and guidance in our hearts and minds. This allows us to be led and guided by the Holy Spirit and grows our relationship with God.

The ancient practice of memorization is an essential part of this process. While you may not have the ability to memorize a passage of scripture at first, you can certainly begin to meditate on a specific verse or short passage of Scripture. The key is to select a text that speaks directly to an important need or concern in your life and take some time with it. Then, read the passage a number of times — perhaps even out loud, if you can.

The more you focus on a particular passage, the more God will reveal Himself to you through it. Often, it will be a single word or phrase that stands out to you as you read it. Or, it might be an idea or theme that comes to your mind as you consider the Scripture in its context. Whether the Lord is speaking to you through one verse or a longer passage, this meditation on the word day and night meaning will draw you closer to Him and deepen your understanding of His truths. This will ultimately make you more fruitful. "If you delight in the law of the Lord, and meditate on it day and night, you will find its precepts at your right hand; if you remember to keep them, they will govern you." (Proverbs 6:22)


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