Meditate Give Yourself a Reason

June 8, 2024

medicate meditate give yourself a reason

Whether it’s drugs or alcohol, it’s common to use substances as a way to mask or forget painful emotions. However, over time, drinking or drug use can create new problems—like health issues, relationship struggles and financial difficulties. In order to stop self-medicating, you’ll need to examine your motives and the impact that substance use is having on your life.

In addition, studies suggest that meditation can diminish the brain’s response to pain and may be a useful addition to medical treatment for chronic back pain or other types of physical discomfort. It can also help lower blood pressure, which is important because high blood pressure strains the heart and can lead to vascular disease or stroke.

If you are interested in trying meditation, begin with a short session, like five or 10 minutes. Find a comfortable position—you can sit in a chair, loosely cross-legged or kneel, or you can even lie down. Focus on your breath, and when your attention wanders (and it will), simply return to the breath a few times.


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