MasterChef: Where Do Contestants Sleep?

October 30, 2023

Throughout the season, we’ve seen contestants spend long days on MasterChef set in an intense environment. But, what viewers don’t see is the rest of life on set, which can be a lot different. According to former contestants, there are a number of things that go on behind the scenes that may shock some fans.

For example, it was revealed this week that the MasterChef home where contestants live full-time during filming is a multimillion-dollar mansion. The chefs live together in this home, which is shared by two people per gender. According to TV Week, the female stars share three of the rooms and the males take up the remaining two. It’s a tight fit, especially if there are two female contestants and one male. The aspiring chefs are also given an allowance each week to cover expenses, but they’re not exactly making big money.

One of the biggest surprises to many fans might be that the cooks have to sleep in shifts. This is because each day on set, the cooks are filmed for hours, so they can’t be on set at the same time. In fact, a shoot can last up to 17 hours.

As for the sleep schedule, each chef has their own bunk bed and they share a common bathroom. The contestants are woken up in the morning by the judges and if they want to wake up early, they can do so, but they must leave their bedroom. The chefs are allowed to talk to their families twice a week for 10 minutes.


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