Massachusetts Waterfalls

March 10, 2023

waterfalls in Massachusetts

Whether you're looking to visit for a romantic weekend or a family picnic, Massachusetts is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country.

Some of these are easily accessible, while others require a bit more effort and time to hike to. But whichever waterfall you decide to check out, make sure you have your camera on hand and take in the views!

Bash Bish Falls

Nestled in the Taconic Mountains, Bash Bish Falls is the highest waterfall in Massachusetts and a popular scenic destination. The dramatic final pitch of Bash Bish Brook drops about 80 feet into an emerald plunge pool and is a must-see for anyone looking to experience the wonder and beauty of a deep, verdant gorge.

As a natural area with inherent dangers, it’s important to exercise caution and respect the environment. Whether you’re hiking, picnicking or taking a dip in the tranquil pool at the foot of the falls, always keep safety first.

The southwestern corner of Massachusetts is a beautiful place with numerous waterfalls and other secluded spots to enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also home to the beautiful Mount Washington State Forest, which has plenty of hiking trails to explore and a few camping sites that are free.

Besides being a gorgeous destination, Bash Bish Falls also has a few haunting legends associated with its summit that make it a great place to visit. One of the most famous is that of Bash Bish, a Mohican woman who was accused of adultery and was lashed to a canoe and sent over the falls for her sins. Her daughter White Swan was also sent over the same falls and eventually died of despair.

Race Brook Falls

Located on Mount Everett State Reservation, Race Brook Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Massachusetts. It features five separate sets of cascades that are easily accessible by foot or car.

The first tier of the falls is easy to climb and features towering cascades that are among the most impressive in the region. The second and third tiers are a bit more difficult to reach but offer more of a grotto-like setting.

In the summer, you can enjoy wading in a pool below the falls and watching the roiling water over rocks. It’s a truly magical experience!

The best way to see the falls is to go on a hike. This 1.3-mile out-and-back trek takes you from the parking lot to a 80-foot tall waterfall called Lower Race Brook Falls.

Slatestone Brook Falls

Massachusetts has a large number of waterfalls that make for an incredible day trip or weekend getaway. They are a must-visit for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to capture some memorable shots.

Slatestone Brook Falls is a 40-foot waterfall in Sunderland, Massachusetts that flows strongest during spring when the snow melts and after heavy rainstorms. It can be accessed through the Mount Toby State Forest and is less than a 0.2-mile hike.

These falls drop in a lovely fan formation and can be easily seen from Falls Road. It’s a great place to take your camera and capture some beautiful photos of the moss-covered rocks and the Connecticut River.

Trap Falls

Trap Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Ashby and West Townsend, Massachusetts within Willard Brook State Forest. It is easily accessible and only requires a short hike to see the falls.

This quaint and picturesque waterfall features three stunning plunges that flow into a shallow pool. These plunges are separated by rocks that form a really cool formation.

These plunges make for some pretty spectacular photography and are definitely worth a visit. You can also find a picnic area at this fall, which makes it an ideal spot for a family picnic.

This waterfall is a popular swimming spot for families and kids. You can swim here during the warmer season but be sure to check the water level before you head out.


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