Joel Osteen: How to Meditate on What God Says About You

June 8, 2024

When he’s not writing books, Joel Osteen is delivering his “Night of Hope” sermons to a packed stadium of people. The Houston megachurch pastor reaches 45,000 in his weekly services and millions more on TV and radio broadcasts across the globe. He has authored several best-sellers including Next Level Thinking, The Power of Favor and Empty Out the Negative.

Critics and scholars and armchair theologians can debate his theology, but numbers don’t lie. He draws 10 million viewers a week on American TV and he fills Madison Square Garden, Yankee Stadium and other sports arenas around the world with thousands of fans eager to hear his message.

Osteen’s sermons are filled with positive messages about a life that is full of opportunities and purpose. He speaks in a language that is understood by people who struggle to get through the daily grind and are in need of hope. He is a voice of comfort to those who suffer from illness, loss and hardship.

Joel is a man of many talents: he can dance, sing and speak in two languages with ease. He’s also a skilled orator who can command a large crowd, despite the fact that he rarely uses notes while preaching. His voice is deep and full with a slight Texas twang. He pauses between sentences to gather his thoughts and then delivers the uplifting message: “God hasn’t brought you this far to leave you behind.” The audience goes wild.


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