How to Volunteer in Kentucky Tornado Recovery

February 6, 2023

how to volunteer in kentucky tornado

A year after the deadly tornado hit Dawson Springs, many families are still trying to recover from this traumatic event. The devastating tornado outbreak carved a path through nine states, and Kentucky was no exception.

Survivors of the devastating tornadoes that swept across western and southern Kentucky are re-building their lives and communities. But there are several things people can do to help them along the way — from donating blood or a financial contribution to volunteering on-the-ground.

Volunteers are assisting disaster victims in the recovery effort by donating their time, expertise and resources to help restore damaged buildings, clear debris, and provide information about flood risk. They are also helping to ensure that survivors have access to counseling services, a critical support resource.

The Kentucky Emergency Management Agency, in conjunction with other state and federal agencies, is working hard to ensure that victims of the December 10 storm have access to disaster assistance. Those who need FEMA help can apply online at the FEMA website or at their local FEMA office.

Tornado Survivors Need Help: Make sure to follow the FEMA guidelines when applying for assistance and keep copies of receipts.

Rebuilding isn't easy, and it will take many months for the area to fully recover from last year's devastating tornadoes. Volunteers will be needed through the summer to assist with debris cleanup and reconstruction efforts.

How to Help: Donate Your Money or Gift Cards

Donations can be made online to the Western KY Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund or to the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund established by Gov. Andy Beshear to help families that will need to rebuild following the devastating tornadoes.


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