How to Tie a Barrel Knot

April 8, 2023

How To Tie Barrel Knot?

The barrel knot, also known as the blood knot or double fisherman's knot, is a self-tightening friction knot that can be used to join sections of rope or monofilament nylon line. It's a strong knot that can be used in many different situations, including fly fishing, creating a fishing leader, and as a climbing knot for a belay device.

Barrel Knot Tutorial (video)

The double barrel knot is an adjustable knot that self-tightens when tied. It's a favorite for fishing and can be a great alternative to the uni knot when joining two lines of equal or similar size and diameter.

1. Begin by tying the working end of your rope to the back of your hand with your non-dominant hand. Pull the rope tightly and tie a loop. Repeat this step on your other lace until you have 3 loops.

2. Bring the running end behind your standing end and create an underhand loop. Pinch and hold this loop with your fingers.

3. Bring the running end over your standing end to create another underhand loop. Slide and pinch the running end to form a tightened loop.

4. Wrap the working end of your rope around your hand again, making a second underhand loop with your hand.

5. Now, thread the working end through the two loops you created in step 4, and then through the base of the two loops you just created.


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