How To Tell How Long A Cat Has Been Dead

April 8, 2023

How To Tell How Long A Cat Has Been Dead

If you find a cat that appears to be sleeping, it is very difficult to determine if it is really dead. Especially if the cat has been hiding in a shed or garden, it can be incredibly hard to know for sure whether your cat has died.

* Look for signs of breathing.

Check your cat's chest and stomach to see if they move up and down and see if the animal can move their legs and arms as well.

* Feel for their pulse, either by pressing against the rib cage over their heart or by feeling it just behind the elbow.

4. When Your Cat Has Died

Many cats will "hide" when they are sick, which is a defensive mechanism to prevent predators from spotting them in a vulnerable state.

This behavior is also very common for cats who die at home, as they can become numb from the loss of a loved one and may not understand that their life is over.

Grieving is normal for both cats and their owners, and it will take time to get through this process.

Getting through this phase will allow your cat to pass on and you to begin the healing process.

7. Your Cat Will Lose Interest In Things She Once Enjoyed

A dying pet will lose interest in the things they once enjoyed, such as food, play, and purring. They will be unable to keep up with their usual schedules and might even sulk around more often, choosing to be alone.


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