How to Store Hurricane Plywood

February 13, 2023

how to store hurricane plywood

When storing plywood, it's important to make sure that the boards are securely held together at all times. One way to do this is to secure multiple sheets of plywood vertically with ratchet straps or elastic bungee cords.

Before you buy plywood, it's best to measure the windows and doors that will be covered. This will ensure that you'll get enough plywood to cover all of them.

Once you have the panels measured and cut, mount them onto a sturdy frame or wall. To help keep them in place, use a variety of strong, long screws. These screws should go a minimum of 2 inches into the studs, but you'll also want to put a washer under them so that they don't sink into the plywood.

If you need to make the window covers more permanent, consider barrel bolts. These screws are made of thick, heavy-duty metal and provide a strong hold on the plywood. They can be used to fix the plywood sheets to the masonry of your home's windows or to anchor them in a concrete block building.

Alternatively, you could use special clips that fit around the edges of the plywood. These clip-on shutters are designed for masonry window recesses and offer strong tension that keeps the shutters in place without drilling.

The Federal Alliance for Safe Homes recommends that you buy plywood panels at least 5/8-inch thick and at least 8 inches wide to adequately protect your windows from storm damage. This is especially important if you live in an area that experiences hurricane-force winds.


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