How to Reset the Temperature Gauge in Car

June 1, 2023

The temperature gauge in your car is a vital piece of information that can tell you when there is a problem under the hood. The temperature gauge can indicate overheating and other problems that could cause expensive damage to your engine.

If you have noticed that your temperature gauge has been giving you inaccurate readings and indicating that your vehicle is overheating when it isn’t, it could be a sign that the sensor has become dirty or obstructed. You can check your radiator coolant level and fill it up if necessary to see if that is the cause. However, if the readings continue to be erratic, it is time to try resetting your temperature sensor.

Before you can reset the sensor you will need to disconnect it from the wiring and remove it completely. The sensor is connected to the automobile by a plastic clip that can be removed with ease but you need to ensure that you are not pulling extra force over the wires because this can lead to unnecessary wiring damage. Some cars connect the sensor with a screw as well so you will need to unscrew it first before continuing.

Once you have disconnected the device and removed it, examine it for signs of wear or damage. If it has been damaged then you will need to replace the sensor. The process is relatively simple and can be done without much expertise. Once you have completed this, reinstall the sensor by reattaching it with the plastic clip and screwing it back into place.


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