How to Reset Idle Air Control Valve

April 8, 2023

How To Reset Idle Air Control Valve

If you find that your engine's idle speed is fluctuating, you may need to reset your idle air control valve. This will help your car's engine run smoothly again.

Idle air control valves regulate the amount of air that enters the engine, which helps it start and stay running at an even pace. If your engine's airflow isn't properly controlled, it can lead to problems with your vehicle's performance and fuel efficiency.

Resetting Idle Air Control Valves

The first step in resetting an idle air control valve is to disconnect the wiring harness from the throttle body. Then, you should use a multimeter to test the wires to ensure that they are transmitting power.

You should then perform an ohms or resistance test between the red lead and the black probe on one of the six connectors on the valve's circuit. If it reads anywhere from 10 to 14 ohms, you have the proper voltage and should be able to proceed.

To ensure that the resetting process goes smoothly, you should park your car in a safe and well-ventilated area. This will prevent you from burning yourself or damaging other parts of your vehicle.

To reset an idle air control valve, you must remove the four retaining bolts or screws that hold the valve in place. After removing them, you should clean the valve with compressed air. This will remove any debris that might be clogging the component.


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