How To Prepare It And Where To Buy It

April 8, 2023

Monkfish is a versatile, mild flavored fish that has quickly become a favorite for chefs across the globe. Not only is it a great source of protein, but it also has a lower environmental impact than other types of fish.

Where To Buy Monkfish?

You can find this versatile fish at many reputable fish mongers, and they’re usually available year-round. You’ll want to pick a fishmonger that specializes in sustainably harvested seafood, as this will help to ensure the best quality of product is delivered to your local market.

This is a firm, sweet and tasty fish that has a reputation as “poor man’s lobster.” The tail is the most common cut of monkfish sold in retail markets. While it looks similar to a lobster tail, it’s much firmer, and has a deliciously mild flavor that’s perfect for chowders and salads.

One of Julia Child’s favorites, the head end of monkfish is also a popular ingredient for upscale restaurants. The liver is also popular, used in a number of popular pates.

How To Prepare It

As with most proteins, the flesh of monkfish shrinks when cooked - like a rubber band. This will cause it to bend slightly, but it’s a funky shape that adds to its flavor and texture, so it’s worth a try!

The fish is usually sold filleted or at least headed and skinned, but you can also trim it yourself. Carefully peel off any bluish membrane that surrounds the tail, and remove any tough looking fibre near where the tail was. This will make for two nice, clean fillets that will be ready to cook!


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