How to Meditate With Phil Jackson

June 8, 2024

Phil Jackson, the Zen master of the NBA, is famous for bringing mindfulness to his players, including Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Kobe Bryant. He has even written books on it. Oprah recently interviewed him on her show, Super Soul Sunday, and discussed his mindful coaching tactics, including meditation.

During a meditation session, you slowly and gently let go of thoughts and just be in a state of observation. Many people use a sacred word that is repeated silently throughout the practice, such as "Amen, God, Love, Oneness, Peace, or Jesus." Some use breath, others notice a feeling, a body part, or images that come and go. Eventually your attention becomes relaxed enough that you can feel God's presence with you.

Whether you're an NBA superstar or a stay-at-home parent, having some level of mindfulness can help you feel more calm and grounded. But a lot of people struggle with meditation. They say their home is too noisy, or they can't find the time, or they just can't seem to get into it. This guided meditation from Muse is designed to help you overcome those obstacles and begin your own meditation journey. It begins by introducing you to a few basics of meditation, so you can understand why it's important and start to see the benefits immediately. Then it walks you through some simple meditation techniques, like breathing and noticing the sensations of the body. Finally, it ends with a short closing prayer to ground yourself back in the real world.


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