How to Meditate With Eyes Open

June 8, 2024

Many people find it easier to meditate with their eyes open compared to closing them. Eyes-open meditation can also help reduce sensory distractions, such as sounds, and can be more suitable for some meditation techniques like body scan meditation.

When practicing meditation with your eyes open, it is important to choose a space with few distractions where you can sit comfortably. You may wish to place your pillow, beads or other accessories within reach.

Then, gaze at a point in your environment such as a spot on the wall, a candle or a plant. If your mind wanders, return it to the focal point as gently and as often as necessary. This is the essence of meditation: bringing your attention back to the present moment over and over again, not just during your practice but throughout your daily life.

Several meditation techniques can be practised with eyes open, including soft gaze, downward gaze, half open/half closed eyes and a steady focus on a specific object. The key is to prevent eye strain and mind wandering by keeping the gaze relaxed and unfocused, blinking as needed.

The benefits of meditating with your eyes open include being more awake and focused, and observing the flow of thoughts and emotions in the mind. It can be difficult to practice this type of meditation at first because the mind is more active, but with practice it will become easier.


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