How to Meditate With Eyes Open

June 8, 2024

Many people are told to close their eyes when meditating, as this can eliminate distractions and encourage a sense of internal focus. However, meditating with the eyes open can be beneficial as well. In fact, it is recommended in some traditions, and it can even be the preferred way of meditating for some individuals.

To meditate with the eyes open, simply find a quiet place where you can sit or lie comfortably. You may want to find a cushion or pillow to support your back and keep you relaxed. Try to avoid any distracting sounds and smells in the room, as this can make it difficult to focus on your breath.

Next, focus on a point in your environment and gently rest your gaze there. This could be a tree, a flower, or a spot on the wall. Some people prefer to have a soft, unfocused focus while others prefer to let their eyes wander around. Experiment with both methods to see what feels right for you. If your mind begins to wander, simply notice the thoughts and let them go without engaging with them or judging them.

This meditation technique can be used on a daily basis to help improve focus and mindfulness throughout the day. Whether you’re at home or at work, focusing on the world around you with your eyes open can be a useful reminder to stay in the present moment. This type of mindfulness meditation can also be used as a practice to reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life.


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