How to Meditate on the Word of God Verses

June 8, 2024

Meditating on the Word of God verses involves a more thorough reading and understanding than simply reading a Bible passage once. It’s a deep reading, focusing on specific words and saturating your heart with their meaning, one repeated phrase at a time. It can be done alone or with other believers, though consistency is better than sporadic meditations throughout the week.

The goal is to transfer the words from your head to your heart so they are a part of you, influencing your thoughts and behavior going forward. It’s a process of letting God speak to you through the Scripture you are meditating on. The way the Lord speaks to you will be different than to others, but it’s a good idea to write your insights down so you can review them later.

You can read the chosen scripture in its entirety or you may choose to focus on a few paragraphs, one verse or even a short parable or story. It’s important to focus on a passage that has the potential to change you, so choose carefully!

You can also try to imagine yourself as a character in the story or as someone who witnessed it. This type of meditation was practiced by a 16th century monk, Ignatius, and can really help you get into the heart of the story and understand its deeper meaning. It’s a great practice for biblical fiction and non-fiction as well! You can also meditate on a specific topic or question, such as “what is the gospel?” or “who is Jesus?” and let the passage take you into a type of dialogue with God where you respond to him, word-by-word.


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