How to Meditate on God's Word

June 8, 2024


Scripture meditation is not reading, but pondering, studying, and internalizing a text from the Bible. It is biblical study on steroids, with a focus on faith and understanding rather than just factual knowledge. It's like reading the text again but this time it comes to life in your mind and heart, changing your thinking and behavior, transforming you into more of what God wants you to be.

The Psalmist writes that the blessed man meditates on the law day and night, and his prayer is founded thereon (Psalm 1:2-3). The word "meditate" is a rich word, with various meanings including muttering continually, pondering deeply, or musing. It also means to be taken up with something or to be in awe of it, and biblical meditation includes both of these aspects:

When you meditate on the Word, it is helpful to begin with a verse that speaks directly to you or a specific issue in your life. This will help you stay focused and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to your soul.

It is also helpful to read the passage aloud. It will help you focus, and can create a more immersive experience. In addition, it will allow you to think of other ways to say the verse and can open up additional insights and revelations in your mind that may not be as evident when just reading. It is also beneficial to write down your thoughts and ponderings.


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