How to Meditate on God's Word Day and Night

June 8, 2024

The Bible encourages us to meditate on God's word day and night. This is a process that goes far beyond reading the Scripture and simply assenting to its truths. Meditating on the Scripture involves interacting with it, thinking deeply about it, and applying its principles to your life.

In some ways, meditating on Scripture is very similar to memorizing. In fact, many of the same principles apply to both. When you meditate on Scripture, it is important to choose a passage that speaks to your heart and draws your attention. Ideally, the passage should be fairly short. It may be helpful to begin with a passage from the Gospels, the Psalms, or a chapter of Proverbs. It is also important to read the text a number of times, at least once out loud and preferably more than once.

While meditating on the Word, you should avoid letting your thoughts wander too much. When your mind drifts to anxieties or other concerns, pause your meditation for a moment and pray that you would be able to rededicate your focus to the Word.

It is helpful to set aside a time and place for your meditation each day. A quiet, empty room with few distractions is ideal. If you have a hard time focusing during meditation, try to limit your meditation to a few minutes at a time. Eventually, you will find it easier to meditate longer periods of time. However, it is more important that you spend quality time meditating on the Word than to rush through long sessions without being fully engaged with it.


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