How to Meditate Manifest Masturbate Shirt

June 8, 2024

You might think manifesting is a new trend, but it's been around for thousands of years. The ancient practice, known as sex magick, has seen a recent resurgence and is embraced by millennials interested in using self-pleasure to help them achieve their goals. It's basically witchy-lite: You set positive intentions that are then amplified by the energy of pleasure.

It's important to start with clear intentions, says clinical sexologist and sex magick expert Eva Clay. "Whatever you want to call in, whether it's a desire like a new job or a more stable relationship, it helps to lay out those intentions beforehand," she says. "You might write them down, put them under your pillow, make a vision board, or even just meditate with a specific word or phrase that represents it."

Then during the masturbation session, visualize and feel into those positive intentions. This will raise your vibration and magnetize what you want to attract into your life. Also, it's a good idea to do this during orgasms—Frappier says that the explosive energetic power of orgasms can "blast your intention out into the universe."

The best part is that you don't have to work with a partner to practice manifestation through masturbation. Clay explains that it's actually better to do it solo, because a partner's skepticism or doubt can throw you out of alignment and lower your vibration.


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