How to Meditate in Type Soul

June 8, 2024

Type Soul is an anime-inspired Roblox experience that’s taking the platform by storm. The game features a huge open world to explore, loads of quests and missions to complete and an advanced combat system that will test your skills.

The game’s progression is based on grades, with each rank unlocking a new ability for your character to access. The first step to becoming a Vizard (Shinigami) or Hollow (Hallowed) is to reach Grade 2. Once you do, you can start the meditation process that will eventually allow you to unlock your Shikai.

Meditation in Type Soul is a unique ability that allows your character to connect with their spirit and ultimately unlock their Bankai. To meditate, simply hit M on your keyboard. However, it’s important to note that there are certain requirements you must meet in order to meditate.

The first requirement is that you must rank up to Grade 2. You can do this by doing Division Quests and raiding with fellow players.

Once you’ve ranked up to Grade 2, you’ll then need to meditate three times for 20 minutes each time. After your third meditation, you’ll get the option to fight your Shikai.

This is an important step if you’re serious about ranking up to become a Vizard. Once you defeat your Shikai, you’ll then be able to progress further in the game and become an Elite Grade.


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