How to Meditate in the Shower

June 8, 2024

Taking a shower is one of the most efficient ways to cleanse our body’s energy. When combined with mindfulness, presence and gratitude, it can also be a powerful tool for clearing your mind, relaxing your body, restoring clarity and cultivating a sense of self-care.

1. Take a deep inhale and exhale and focus on how the water feels against your skin. Notice the temperature and texture of the water, the smell of your body wash or soap, and the sound of the cascading water.

2. Practice focusing on an individual drop of water as it runs over your head, neck, shoulders and down your arms and legs. Then, trace that drop down your body, feeling it touch every inch of your body and washing away any feelings or thoughts that are not serving you. Imagine these negative energies being carried into the drain and swirling down to be cleansed by the earth.

3. Repeat this process a few more times and allow your awareness to return back to the sound of the water, the feel of it on your skin or the sensation of your breath. It is natural for your thoughts to stray, but that is perfectly okay. Simply acknowledge them, and then bring your attention back to the present moment — you will probably have to do this a few dozen times before your shower is over!

4. Lastly, conclude your mindful shower with a feeling of gratitude. Whether it be gratitude for the clean energy that you have just washed away, gratitude for the opportunity to care for your body and mind in this way or simply gratitude for this time of calm and serenity.


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