How to Meditate in the Bath

June 8, 2024

Whether you’re a seasoned meditator or simply curious about the practice, bath time meditation is a wonderful opportunity to relax and recharge. Adding meditation to your regular bathing ritual not only trains the mind to concentrate and focus but also helps calm anxiety and reduce stress. The physical sensations of a warm bath can also help with that, and focusing on the positive experiences you are having in your surroundings can be very soothing and grounding.

Before you even get in the water, be sure that you are preparing yourself mentally for the experience by setting aside time that is strictly for your bath meditation. Determine how long you would like to meditate, typically ten or fifteen minutes for beginners, and set the timer on your phone so that you do not receive any notifications. This will ensure that you are not interrupted and can completely immerse yourself in the moment.

Once you are in the tub, close your eyes and be present in your environment. Notice the smell of your favorite bath bomb or essential oil, the sounds of the water rushing in and out, the feel of your hands gently floating in the warm water and the way your body responds to the sensory experiences. If you find your mind wandering or thoughts racing, be gentle and bring it back to the experience without judgment.

Lastly, be aware of how long you are in the bath as staying too long can actually dry out your skin. Once you are ready to get out, take a moment and thank yourself for your efforts to be mindful in the bath before you dry off and leave the house.


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