How to Meditate in Destiny 2

June 8, 2024

After completing the Lightfall campaign in Destiny 2, players will be able to access the new Strand subclass. In order to unlock its Aspects, Fragments and Grenades, Guardians will need a special currency called Strand Meditations. It’s not a bad idea to farm them in the meantime, as they will be essential for a top-tier Strand build once the full Solstice of Heroes event launches in September.

How to meditate in destiny 2

The easiest way to collect meditations is by completing Patrols, as they will give you 7 each time. You can also complete the Vex Incursion Zone in Neomuna and other activities there to earn more. Completing Terminal Overload events is a great way to earn them as well, as they will get you plenty of enemies to kill while spending a Terminal Overload Key in the bonus loot chest will nab you 75.

Players can also purchase meditations from Ikora Rey in the Tower. She will have three to offer at a time and they refresh on Tuesday, with a new set of three becoming available. Meditations also reward Vanguard Research Tokens, which can be turned in to Ikora for engrams. The best part is that the new Aspects, Fragments and Grenades that you purchase with them are account-wide, so they can be used on any of your Guardians, not just the one you are meditating on. This is a welcome change from the Light abilities, which require a specific character to unlock and use.


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