How to Make Boots Tighter Around Calf

April 8, 2023

How To Make Boots Tighter Around Calf

When you go to purchase a pair of boots, it is crucial that the shaft circumference is appropriate for your foot size. If the shaft is too small, this can cause the shoe to feel constricted and cut off circulation to the foot.

To find the right fit, you can try on several pairs before deciding which is the best fit for you. It's important to test your shoes with a wide variety of socks and footwear so you can see how they move and feel as you walk, run, hike, or ski.

It's also important to check the boot's heel shape. You should find a boot with a heel that is not too rounded, which can be uncomfortable.

You can use a padded foam toe cushion or heel pad to close the gap between the shoe and your foot, helping to reduce movement and friction. Adding thicker socks can also help to increase the amount of room within the shoe.

If you are looking for a more permanent solution to tighten your boots, consider sending them to a professional cobbler. A good cobbler will remove any stitching and stretch the leather for you.

Another option is to use a boot stretcher, which can be purchased for under $30 and used to stretch the boot's shaft and calf portion. This can save you time and money.

It is possible to make cowboy boots thicker calf friendly, but it is important that you take this process slowly. If you try to do too much at once, the boot's leather will shrink and the boot will no longer fit properly.


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