How to Know Where to Park Car During a Hurricane

February 13, 2023

where to park car during hurricane

Hurricanes can cause flooding and damage your car, so it’s important to know where to park your vehicle during a hurricane. The best place to park your car is in a garage, but not everyone has one.

If you do have a garage, it’s also a good idea to back your vehicle in to protect from flying debris. This can be especially helpful if you live in an area where trees, fences, and other objects may blow around during a hurricane.

Another option is to find a location with strong cover, such as a barn or other structure. You’ll also want to avoid parking your car under or near large trees, power lines, light poles, and other objects that might fall on it and smash it.

In addition, you might want to reinforce your vehicle’s windows with masking tape if you think it might be vulnerable to breaking. This will make cleaning up shattered glass easier and will reduce the risk of dents and dings caused by flying debris.

Lastly, if you plan to evacuate before the storm hits, you’ll want to find a higher spot to park your car. This will prevent your vehicle from getting flooded while you’re driving away. It will also prevent it from sustaining tidal damage, which can destroy your paint and leave your engine contaminated with sludge. It’s also worth checking with your insurance provider to ensure you’re covered for hurricane-related damages. You might be able to receive a discount on your premium for taking this precaution!


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