How to Keep a Trampoline From Blowing Away in Stormy Weather

April 8, 2023

One of the biggest concerns with trampolines is that they could be blown away by strong wind or storms. Fortunately, there are some ways you can keep your trampoline safely secured in the backyard.

First, make sure that your trampoline is properly assembled. This includes ensuring that the legs are attached securely to the frame and the frame is securely attached to the jumping mat.

Another important step to take is securing your trampoline using anchors, which can prevent it from moving even in the strongest winds. These can be purchased from many retailers online, but you should look for a quality anchor kit that comes with multiple straps and stakes.

You can also use a giant tarp to cover your trampoline and support it to the ground. A tarp is easy to put up and will help to keep your trampoline from flying away.

Sandbags can also be used to secure a trampoline in place, particularly if it's on concrete or other solid surfaces. You'll need a few bags, but it's an effective method to keeping your trampoline safely in place during high winds.

Corkscrew anchors can also be a good choice for securing your trampoline in stormy weather. These are more time-consuming to set up, but they are much more likely to keep your trampoline tied down firmly.

Getting your trampoline properly anchored is the best way to protect it from blowing away. Aside from preventing it from moving, anchors can also keep it stable, so your kids will be less likely to fall off the trampoline.


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