How to Install Hurricane Ties on Your Roof

February 13, 2023

Whether you're building your home from scratch or retrofitting your existing structure, hurricane ties are an important part of ensuring a sturdy roof. These heavy-gauge metal connectors are installed between the roof trusses and the wall plate. They help distribute uplifting and lateral forces, providing your home with the greatest possible resistance to upwind and lateral forces that can cause severe damage.

How to Install Hurricane Ties on Your Roof

Before you can begin putting together your roof, you must first install hurricane ties and other wind-resistant fasteners. The best way to get started is by examining your roof and determining the size of hurricane ties you need for your specific building.

You should also consider the type of tie you're going to use. There are several options, including twist ties, saddle ties, and gusset angle ties.

When assessing which type of tie you need, take into account the load strength of the roof trusses and horizontal beams, the location of the tie, and local jurisdiction requirements. In some cases, local jurisdiction requirements can make it more difficult to retrofit your structure with the right ties.

The installation process of hurricane ties isn't a difficult task, but you may want to have a friend or neighbor help you hammer the nails into place. Using a ladder and utility belt is helpful as well, so you can easily reach the trusses from the ground level. This will decrease the chances of falling or being injured while you're working on your roof.


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