How to Hit a Flop Shot

June 1, 2023

Watch any tournament and you'll likely see a pro golfer use a flop shot. This is a high arching shot that lands softly and often doesn't roll more than a foot or so depending on the greens slope. Flop shots can be very useful, but they are a difficult shot to master. Even many scratch and single digit handicap players struggle with this shot at times. A good flop shot can save you strokes on tricky situations or help you win that friendly wager with your buddy.

The key to a good flop shot is having the right set up. The flop shot requires a different setup than a standard chip or a pitch because you need to open up your stance. This allows the club face to start from more of a flat position and it reduces the chance of your wedge going up over the ball during impact.

Once you have the proper set up, the next step is surveying the green and finding a target to land your ball to. It's a good idea to pick a spot in the middle of the green and ideally this should be within a kick or two in distance from the hole. This helps you visualize the shot during your pre-shot routine and sets you up for a successful flop shot. It also ensures you're not going too far or too close to the pin which can lead to problems on this type of shot.


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