How to Grow Cotton Candy Grapes

February 14, 2024

For those who prefer sweeter treats than their green counterparts, cotton candy grapes are a delicious alternative to snacking on potato chips or candy bars. These large, crisp, seedless grapes are sweeter than your typical table grape with a flavor that is both fruity and floral.

These hybrid grapes thrive best in USDA hardiness zones 7-9, as they need warm climate conditions to fully develop their signature sweet flavor. Cotton candy grapes also need a long growing season to ensure that they are mature by the time the weather turns cool, which can damage the vines.

Once you've planted your cotton candy grape vines, they need proper trellising and support to grow tall and bear fruit. Spacing guidelines are important as well, ensuring that the vines are not too close together and allowing them to get the optimal amount of sunlight.

During the growing season, it is also important to prune and train your cotton candy grape vines so that they can properly support themselves. When you're ready to harvest your grapes, be sure to handle them gently. Too much rough handling can cause the delicate fruits to bruise and rot more quickly.

It's also vital to provide your cotton candy grape plants with a balanced fertilizer during the growing season to keep them healthy and producing fruit. Avoid excessive nitrogen, as it can lead to vegetative growth at the expense of fruit production. Instead, use a balanced fertilizer that provides the correct amount of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.


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