How to Get to Mohg the Omen in World of Warcraft

April 8, 2023

If you have been unable to find the Mohg, The Omen, boss in Elden Ring then don’t panic! He’s a tricky and secret enemy. He’s a Shardbearer and demigod and his fight is important to unlock the Frenzied Flame ending in the game.

How To Get To Mohg The Omen

There are many different ways to beat this shardbearer. One of the best methods is to do a few side quests in Elden Ring before you tackle this dungeon.

In these side quests, you can earn items that can help you win this fight easier. One of these is the Mohg’s Shackle which can bind this enemy for a short period of time.

It’s also a good idea to get the Elden Ring Rock Sling spell as it’s weak against Gravitational attacks and you can use this to deal a lot of damage in the fight.

During the first phase, you’ll need to dodge his slow spear attacks and do damage whenever you can. Then you’ll want to watch his trident to see when he wants to swing it and how much health it has.

Once he hits his health cap, he’ll start to sprout wings and enter his second phase which is far more dangerous. His attacks are longer and he’s harder to manage, so it’s important to keep his health low.

Besides all this, Mohg the Omen also uses a few magic attacks that you’ll need to be careful with. The first is called Bloodflame Talons and it has two variations: a slower version where he throws bleed fire in a wide arc, and a faster more straightforward one.


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