How to Get Rid of Mal De Ojo

February 15, 2024

Mal de ojo is a spiritual belief that says when someone looks at you with envy, jealousy or malicious intent or even admiration the negative energy can transfer through the eyes and cause illness. It is a common fear of Latin American cultures. People who are effected feel the effects mentally and physically. Babies and children are especially vulnerable to mal de ojo. It is believed that admiring a baby or child with a staring gaze can weaken them and cause ill health. It can even affect objects in a house or person.

People who have been afflicted with mal de ojo experience feelings of tiredness and loss of energy. They may also have headaches and other aches and pains in their bodies. They might have difficulty sleeping or waking up. Sometimes they have a bad stomach or skin rash. They might see red or purple spots on their body or head. They may have visions of cages or an eye in the center of their yolk. If they experience any of these symptoms they should seek help from a brujx or curandero.

Getting rid of mal de ojo can be difficult. One way is to do an egg cleanse. This involves coating an egg with rubbing alcohol and rolling it gently over the effected person’s body. It is then cracked into a cup of water and the egg white and yolk are read to determine if the person has been cursed or not(Freyja,2017). Medicinal plants and herbal remedies such as basil, and limpiar are also used to get rid of mal de ojo. Lastly, healers can do limpias or spiritual cleansing to remove the evil eye(Freyja,2017).


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