How to Get Burnt Grass Green Again

April 8, 2023

How To Get Burnt Grass Green Again

The cause of your grass turning brown can be a fire, herbicide, heat burn, animal urine or fertilizer burn. All these causes will leave the roots of your lawn damaged and require time to regrow.

In most cases, it will take up to 3 weeks for burnt grass to turn green again if not treated with care and watered properly. It is also important to remove any dead patches if present.

If the area of your lawn is large, it may be impossible to renovate all by hand and you might need to use re-sod. This is a great way to renew your grass without too much effort and costs.

Re-sod the Patch

To get a fresh lawn, you can either re-seed your entire lawn or you can simply fix the small burnt patch that needs to be cured. The best way to go about this is to re-sod the small patch and plant new seeds.

Alternatively, you can also reseed the entire lawn with fresh seeds and then water it well. This will help the new grass grow back faster and look better than it did before.

Fertilizer Burn

Fertilizer burn is a common problem that can occur when you apply too much nitrogen, especially when the soil and plants are wet. Using a slow-release fertilizer can help prevent this from happening.

Other Causes of Burnt Grass

Another common reason for grass to turn yellow is when it is exposed to too much sun. This happens when sun-loving grass is unable to protect itself from the intense summer sun, which can be caused by the wrong type of grass or by other factors like improper irrigation.


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