How to Draw a Hurricane in 3 Easy Steps

February 13, 2023

how to draw a hurricane

Hurricanes are some of the most powerful natural occurrences on Earth, and they can be very destructive when they hit. These storms can be devastating in many ways, from causing severe flooding to ripping apart entire communities.

The awe-inspiring nature of a hurricane makes it a popular subject for artists, and there are some really easy steps to follow when drawing one. Whether you’re drawing for yourself or someone else, there are a few things that will help make your drawing look as realistic as possible.

Step 1: Draw a Hurricane

First, you’ll need to sketch out the basic shape of the hurricane. It’s best to start with a simple circle and then add a few rounded lines to it.

Next, you’ll want to depict some of the details and elements that make up the hurricane. These should include a few wavy lines amongst the clouds, as well as a few smaller details that help define the hurricane’s shape.

Step 2: Add a Hurricane Swirl

Once you’ve finished drawing the hurricane, it’s time to add some swirls around the shape. You can do this with some freehand lines, or you can use the squiggly line tool in your drawing program.

Step 3: Add Some Debris

As a last step, you’ll want to add some debris to the hurricane. This could include some trees or even buildings that have been blown away during the storm. It will add an extra element of realism to your hurricane, and it will also allow you to showcase the power of these storms.


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