How to Draw a Cute Dinosaur For Beginners

April 8, 2023

Dinosaur are one of the favorite animals of kids. They like to watch movies, read books and play dinosaur games. They also love drawing them with pencils, especially if they're cute and funny!

In this lesson, we're going to show you how to draw a cute dinosaur for beginners with simple steps. You'll learn how to draw a Stegosaurus step by step in under 2 minutes!

First, draw a circle for the head and a small oval for the eyes. Next, make a mouth and a snout with a zigzag line.

Depict the neck and head using curved lines (see picture 2). Then, join these two parts with a small curvy line, making sure to draw a tiny eye underneath it.

Afterward, make another oval that's the same shape as the neck you've just drawn. This will later fuse to form the hind leg of your dinosaur!

A long tail is a typical feature of some dinosaurs, but not all herbivorous ones had one. Some, for example, were very stocky and looked like rhinos - triceratops! They were much bigger than other herbivorous dinosaurs and had two large horns on their heads. They also walked on two hind legs, which helped them maintain their huge tails.


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