How to Clean a Derma Roller

April 8, 2023

When you use a derma roller, it can get dirty and contaminated with debris, skin cells, and bacteria. So it is important to clean your derma roller before and after each use.

Depending on the needle size, you should clean your derma roller at least twice a week. This will help prevent bacterial infections.

Cleaning a Derma Roller Before Use

The first step to cleaning your derma roller is to check it and make sure all the needles are in good condition. If any of the needles are bent or broken, it is best to replace them.

You can do this by checking the head of the derma roller. If it looks like all the needles are in good shape, you can then proceed to sterilise it with an alcohol solution.

Isopropyl alcohol is considered the best alcohol solution for derma rollers as it can kill a lot of germs on the roller and also disinfect it. It can be used in spray form and you just need to spray it generously all over the head of the derma roller.

After sterilising the derma roller, you need to rinse it with clean water to remove any residue. Next, you can sanitise it with alcohol or a sanitising solution and leave to dry thoroughly before packing it back in the case or container.


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