How To Catch A Fox That Is Eating My Chickens

April 8, 2023

Getting a fox that is eating your chickens is never a fun experience. These clever animals are very fast, cunning and elusive, so it is essential that you take measures to protect your birds from them.

1. Keep your coop locked up every night, and make sure you close the door properly.

This isn’t always easy, but it’s essential to ensure your birds can’t get out in the night unless you are there to lock them up before they go to sleep.

2. Keep your fencing well secured and spot check it frequently to catch any weakness.

3. Keep your coop and run clean and clutter-free at all times to prevent foxes from hiding out in the area.

4. If your coop is small, consider purchasing an electric poultry netting system to keep your birds in one secure area during the day.

5. Use lights that are motion-activated to scare off any fox that is visiting your coop at night.

6. If you have a dog, they can also help keep foxes away from your chickens.

7. Donkeys are another good deterrent and they are big enough to fight off any predator.

8. Game night cameras can be used to keep an eye on any visitors and they are very affordable today.

9. Traps can be an effective deterrent, especially if you have one of the new trap-and-release types available in many countries.

Using a trap is not a long-term solution to foxes attacking your chickens, but it may help you get rid of the problem in the short term.


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