How to Become a Horticulturist

April 8, 2023

What Is Horticulture?

Horticulture is the science of growing, cultivating, preserving and protecting plants. It encompasses everything from greenhouse production to landscaping. It can be found in businesses and industry, public gardens and research facilities.

What Are The Skills Required For A Horticulturist?

The qualifications for a career as a horticulturist include a strong interest in plants and nature. You may also need a college degree and experience working with plants and soils.

How Much Do Horticulturists Make?

A horticulturist's salary depends on the position and job duties. For example, a horticulturist who works in a farm or landscaping worksite may make a higher salary than one who performs consultations and experiments in an office environment.

How to Get Experience in the Field?

Horticulturists often collaborate with farmers and landscapers to conduct experiments on different crops and fertilizers. These research projects can provide insight into plant growth that can help farmers and landscapers increase crop production.

What Are Some Of The Best Online Schools for Horticulture?

The best way to become a horticulturist is to earn a bachelor's or master's degree in horticulture. A graduate degree can open up additional career options in a range of fields related to horticultural science, including business development and administration.

How to Get an Internship in Horticulture?

A hands-on internship in a horticulture industry is an excellent way to gain experience and prepare yourself for the real world. Some horticulture programs offer internships, while other students may pursue them voluntarily to gain experience and obtain a competitive advantage in the job market.


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