How to Beat King Hippo in Punch-Out!!

June 1, 2023

King Hippo is one of the most prominent characters in Punch-Out!!, known for his big size and shorts that fall down when he's caught off guard. He's also a tough opponent due to the fact that he has deceptive stamina and can take quite a few Star Punches before getting knocked down. This makes him a challenge for players who want to get a KO or decision win, but is still beatable if the player has a good understanding of his patterns.

To beat king hippo, the first step is to get the manhole cover off his belly by hitting him with right body hooks. Then, he'll be vulnerable to more attacks. If he ever raises his arms, counter with a jab to stun him and then hit him with a Star Punch while his mouth is open. If the timing is perfect, this will instantly KO him.

Another way to KO him is to dodge his overhead punch and then hit him with a jab while he's still down. This will make him shiver and his stomach will appear uncovered. At this point, a jab to his head will stun him, and he'll be susceptible to combos until he opens his mouth again to cover up his stomach button.

Another thing to watch out for is his Ear Clap attack, where he growls, raises his hands, and violently brings them down for a two-handed smash. This can be ducked under or countered with a jab to stun him longer (for about ten punches). Additionally, his pants will sometimes drop during this attack, making him vulnerable for a hook.


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