How Safe Is An Apartment During A Hurricane?

February 13, 2023

how safe is an apartment during a hurricane

The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 30th. Although a storm can hit anywhere during that time, the risk of hurricanes is greater in tropical areas.

The height of the building determines how safe an apartment is during a hurricane, and this is one thing that should always be considered before deciding to move into a particular home. A taller apartment is often safer than a lower one, but this also depends on the type of hurricane and how severe it is.

A high-rise apartment has back-up generators to keep things powered up in the event that the electricity goes down during a hurricane. These generators typically run on gasoline and can be used to power a refrigerator, lighting, and some wall outlets in the case of an outage.

However, these back-up generators can only keep the building running for a certain amount of time and they can be damaged or even flooded in some cases. So, if you’re thinking of moving into a high-rise apartment, be sure to read the lease or ask about your property manager’s plans for storm prep.

What is the safest room in an apartment?

Generally, the safest place for an apartment resident to stay in during a hurricane is an interior bedroom, bathroom or hall. This is because these rooms tend to be away from windows, where winds can be most damaging during a hurricane.

As with any type of emergency, communication is critical. Contact friends, family members, neighbors and your property manager to discuss what you can do to stay safe in your apartment during a hurricane.


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