How Often Does It Rain in Las Vegas?

June 1, 2023

Whether you’re a casino lover or not, you can still have a blast during a trip to Las Vegas. With a wide range of entertainment, shopping, dining, and other activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on Sin City’s 4.2-mile Strip. And the best hotels in Vegas go above and beyond to create over-the-top experiences for their guests.

A desert climate is the primary factor that keeps Vegas so dry year round, and it’s not unusual for a month to pass by without rain here. However, the temperatures can quickly soar during the summer months and make for a very hot and unpleasant experience.

The wettest month of the year in Vegas is February, with an average of 4 days with rain or snow. The driest month is June, with an average of 1 rainy day. These numbers are based on long-term weather data gathered from the airport in Las Vegas, Nevada. Temperatures, humidity, sun and wind are based on 1971-2020 normals.

While the desert is primarily responsible for Vegas’s dryness, there are a couple of other factors that play a role as well. The city is located on the Leeward side of a mountain range that acts as a rain shadow, which blocks most of the Pacific Ocean’s moisture-laden clouds from reaching the area. These conditions can change during the winter when cooler ground temps allow moisture-laden clouds to cross the mountains. And when these conditions do change, it can bring heavy rainfall and thunder storms to the area.


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