How Much Wrapping Paper Do I Need?

October 28, 2023

Nothing makes a gift more special than a beautiful presentation. Whether you choose to wrap your present in a box or use gift bags, wrapping is an important finishing touch that shows how much thought and care you put into the gift. But knowing how much wrapping paper to buy can be tricky. Buying too little can result in awkwardly shaped gifts, while buying too much can lead to extra expenses and waste. This article will show you how to accurately measure the amount of wrapping paper you need for any size or shape of present.

How Much Wrapping Paper Do I Need

The most common error people make when measuring wrapping paper is using the wrong dimensions for their gift. A good rule of thumb is to add the width of your gift’s height and double it to get the length of paper you need. This will ensure that the wrapping paper is wide enough to cover the whole present and tall enough to be secured with tape.

To easily calculate the amount of wrapping paper you’ll need for any gift, simply input the dimensions of your present into our calculator below. Then, select the type of wrapping paper you plan to use and press “Calculate”. You’ll be able to see exactly how much wrapping paper you will need, allowing you to avoid unnecessary expenses and waste. This wrapping paper calculator also works for non-rectangular presents, such as plush toys or sports equipment.


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